Research interests

My research interests are:

  • Applying knowledge from psychology of emotions to improve artificial systems resilience and autonomy of decision, especially in collective settings.

  • Synthesizing artificial cognitive processes providing artificial situated systems with abilities related to those emotion gives us.

  • Improve coordination strategies among situated agents utilizing social structuration-related functions of emotions in groups.

Artificial emotion

While artificial emotion is widely studied in human-machine interaction, my main interest is in the design and implementation of artificial cognitive processes that give situated artificial systems, such as cyber-physical systems or robots, abilities that emotion gives us as humans. I’m especially interested in autonomy of decision and resilience.


Among other abilities, emotion allows us to detect, react, and recover from unanticipated situations. Systems that are in direct interaction with the physical world and those composed of many interacting sub-systems have in common that their designers can’t foresee all situation they can encounter. This make impossible for the designer to pre-determine an adequate behavior for all possible situations. This kind of systems thus require some autonomy of decision and adaptative capabilities. To give these abilities to artificial systems we try to design and implement artificial cognitive processes that fulfill the functions emotions have in humans.


Emotional state sharing among members of a group allow them to adapt collectively to unanticipated situations. Emotion-induced adaptations include dedicated behaviors such as helping each other and more generic reactions such as signaling to others the occurrence of unexpected situation.